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I am currently a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate with the QuEST graduate training program at the University of Vermont. I am currently the instructor for Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning, a PhD course at the University of Vermont. The class is a mix of ecology, evolution, quantitative skills, and programming in R. All the materials for the course are freely available at: https://erwhite1.github.io/QuantReasoning/.

I currently conduct research on modeling marine disease outbreaks and assessing the effectiveness of marine protected areas. I am generally interested in questions related to the ecology and conservation of marine systems, in particular fisheries. My work centers on how environmental variability (e.g. El Niño) affects marine species. I use various mathematical and statistical techniques to answer questions centered on population dynamics, metapopulation dynamics, conservation of marine species, and the design of protected area networks. I also study science education, including the effectiveness of active learning and flipped classrooms.

Outside of school and research, I spend time scuba diving, rock climbing, reading, hiking, woodworking, welding, learning languages, and spending time with family and friends.

I can be reached at: Easton.White@uvm.edu

In a BioScience podcast, I discuss my work on designing better species monitoring programs.

Here is a  radio interview on my research as a Canadian Fulbright awardee working with Julia Baum at the University of Victoria.