photo 2I am passionate about science and math education. I believe it is important to not simply convince more people to pursue paths in STEM, but to improve scientific literacy more generally.

Most recently, I have been a Teaching Assistant at UC Davis. In the Fall term I taught Intro to Biology (BIS 2B). And in the Winter I was a TA for Population Ecology (ESP121).

I am also an instructor for the group Software Carpentry. I teach 2-3 workshops a year designed to help scientists be more productive using various software skills including Git/version control, R statistical software, and command line.

I currently volunteer as a math tutor in the Women’s Resources and Research Center at UC Davis. I also enjoy presenting on math and science topics in local high school classrooms.


University of Victoria

Teaching Assistant, Advanced Ecology (BIO470). Spring 2014. Professor: Julia K. Baum

Guest Lecturer, Calculus for Students in the Social and Biological Sciences. (MATH102). March 2014. Exponential Growth and Decay. Professor: Margaret Wyeth.

Guest Lecturer, Conservation Biology (BIO 370). November 2013. Metapopulation dynamics. Professor: Julia K. Baum

Presenter, R Workshop (Ocean Networks Canada series). November 2013/ March 2014. Population models in R.    

Scottsdale Community College

Teaching Assistant, Mathematics Mentoring Partnership Summer Program. Summer 2013. Professor: John D. Nagy

  • Assisted students with topics included: differential equations, stability analysis, and population modeling

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Biological Research Seminar (BIO 298AA). Fall 2011/ Spring 2012/ Fall 2012: Professor: John D. Nagy

  • Helped teach course designed for advanced undergrads interested in biological research through field work and mathematical modeling



Introduction to R workshop for biology undergraduates